• The Beer Mile Relay

    Jeff Vibbert, Chris Bowers, Jess Alsman, and Gunner do the Beer Mile Relay with a twist. Click here to see yesterday’s Beer Mile Challenge with Vibbert. Audio Facebook Live Static Cam Chick Cam Poor @thejeffvibbert dealing with the emotions of Tom forcing him to do the Beer Mile challenge again. pic.twitter.com/BZwA3cEOhR — The BOB & […]

  • Jeff Vibbert Does the Beer Mile Challenge

    Watch the video of an instant classic from this morning’s show: Jeff Vibbert trying and failing at the beer mile challenge.

  • “Pillars” Episode 4 – “Gesundheit”

    “Pillars” is a series of shorts starring David Dyer (Dave) and Kevin Yon (Kev). Written, Directed, and Edited by David Dyer. Each short provides a quick glimpse into the sometimes contentious relationship between two men who frequent a local bar to both discuss and react to what matters most to them.

  • Guests for the Week of May 16, 2016

    Gunner Born in Frankfurt, West Germany in an old Nazi hospital. Mom hated it. Dad loved the Black Forest. Grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago (Lynwood). Busted ass every summer on a roofing truck for Allied Roofing Supplies in Blue Island. Attended Butler University in Indianapolis. Interned at Q95, met Bob & Tom, […]

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